Trip to Marrakech

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Tip to Marrakech, Morocco.

An Amazing Place to discover.

Marrakech is the second largest city of Morocco and is known as the Red City. It has about 800,000 inhabitants and most of the houses are colored read.

Marrakech MedinaIt is truly a colorful city of entertainment and is called the one of the pearls of morocco. It is the major economic center and has several upcoming industries and markets.

Together with my travel companions, Mariano and Javi, we had the opportunity to travel to Marrakech, Morocco.

At the beginning the idea came from me, I always wanted to know Morocco, then the boys had a better time than me!

We stayed at the charming Riad Ecila, run by Mathieu, to whom I can give this video as a gift, summarizing our trip a bit.



Trip to Marrakech


April 29, 2021


Videoclip & Photography


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